Strengths upon strengths.

Stage presence, rhetorical abilities, multidimensional communication and entrepreneurial action are vital management tools for today’s leaders when it comes to creating and maintaining a successful course of action for their business.

Katrien Wayenberg generates linguistic accessibility and provides cultural competence training so that her clients have the leading edge in carrying out crucial tasks and future-oriented operations.

She is therefore the logical and profitable choice as a sparring partner for decision-makers in politics, business, educational institutions and ministries.

She coaches in a systematic, personalized manner. Discretion and flexibility are cherished principles and are respected at all times. Her passion lies in effecting personal development while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism.



Hitting the right international note.

The key to international success lies in language skills that are specific to a respective industry. Katrien Wayenberg applies her expert knowledge when teaching her clients to recognize the right tonality in various cultures and to apply a sustainable impression of competence.

The exclusive empowerment training pays special attention to the improvement of individual language quality and thereby increases the international confidence of top managers.

Through goal-oriented sparring for negotiating in an international setting, strategic small talk, and tailored structures for international, customer-oriented presentations, Katrien Wayenberg allows her clients to shine on the stage of international management.

The training’s combination of discretion and relevant language improvement with courtesy and tact in an international context leads to strategic positioning advantages both at home and abroad.

Katrien Wayenberg is the right partner for linguistic and intercultural challenges in English, German and Dutch.

Katrien Wayenberg


Building bridges successfully.

Intercultural diversity offers great potential for innovation as well as new paths for global corporate success. This international cooperation works through understanding new behaviors and cultures.

Thanks to her linguistic and cultural roots in Belgium, Germany and the English-speaking world as well as her global business-based travels, Katrien Wayenberg is a specialist in cultural diversity.

Her advice on culturally diverse business skills and her establishment of international communication rules leads to an increase in the effectiveness and productivity of an intercultural company.

The formation and development of international teams with a view to unhindered cultural agility caps off the bridge building process in the new markets of each client.

Katrien Wayenberg’s clients book her within their respective companies, at train or airport lounges, or at their headquarters. She is flexible in dealing with her customers’ requests and can take on short-term challenges in a globalized world.

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