Katrien Wayenberg
As a linguist, cultural discoverer and communication coach with over 15 years of experience both at home and abroad, it is my personal belief and experience that the perfection of language and cultural competence serve as the key to integration, self-realization and success throughout the world.


My collective 75,000 hours of listening to people – and structuring and connecting their story lines in unusual ways – means I can partner with ALL brands, businesses and people to work purposefully.

I am a language and communication trainer, coach, twofold entrepreneur, idea-giver, head of Foreign Language Department at 2 universities and a passionate networker who helps enterprises, organisations, teams and high-performers worldwide to release their potential, both communicatively and interculturally.

My tools are my own proficiency in 4 languages and my personal experiences in mastering them, my Master in Language and Culture and 2 additional university degrees, my 18 years of professional experience in adult education, my keenness for structure and storytelling, empathic listening, metaphoric creativity, a deep interest in organic systems and a discrete curiosity in the expert world of the client in front of me.

As the Chief Empowerment Officer of Natural language solutions GmbH I lead a team of 45 experienced trainers, over 200 precise translators and 20 stage-loving interpretors and a Key Account Office Team of 5. We offer customized language support in the technical and business field to executives, experts and professionals who perform internationally. Our long-term customers appreciate our commitment and dedication to their cause, our transparent and reliable processes and delivery, and our fun, unconventional and motivating approach to learning languages.

As a coach, I strive to release the potential in individuals, teams, departments, boards and entire businesses. As the Head of Natural business solutions I have developed a series of creative workshops that use the immense power of personal and corporate metaphors to further develop already existing systems or help create new, successful constellations. With carefully selected partners I have achieved astounding and enduring results with business customers in terms of organisational restructuring, process optimisation, team-building, conflict management and change management.