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Top Management Coach & Language Specialist

Structure – Executive Coach

Semantics – Communication Trainer

System – Contextual expert

‘Every voice deserves to be heard. More loudly, more clearly. That is the essence of empowerment for me.’ – Katrien Wayenberg

26 Years

of Coaching Experience

International Success Elements

Each decision-maker’s excellence is the unique combination of strong personal, social, communicative and methodical competencies and qualifications. This set of skills is the foundation of individual success.

In your coaching sessions I identify, analyse and further develop your set of skills to realize your aspirations and optimal professional future.

Your experiences and challenges resonate through my own entrepreneurial and international background. As a Coach-Coachee tandem, we foster and challenge your status quo, then select and train practical methods for your personal and professional development.

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What clients say about us

Thank you for the great support, motivating cooperation and your empathy! I have learned a lot in the last few weeks, reflected deeply and realised that focus does come at a price but is very important in my professional and private life.


Advertising and Media Industry

Many thanks for the very intensive hours during which we discussed my personal strengths and selected them according to priority lists. We developed this triangle as a marker for my drivers, needs and personality structure.


Sales Manager

The 1½ days were time well spent, we dealt intensively with ourselves as managers and not with the “usual” specialist topics. This is also part of my personal conclusion to the workshop and I would like to thank you once again for the organisation and implementation.


CEO, international production company

I feel that your coaching has put me in the right place. The self-confident and determined part of my character has developed really clearly. I sometimes don’t recognise myself when I raise my voice in a meeting and the participants listen to me naturally and follow my contribution.


Functional Safety Lead, Oil and Gas Industry

The results were fantastic! The course itself was very helpful and prepared the participants to have conversations with clients at the highest level. I would like to thank you personally for your part in this course, and indeed for the guidance and coaching you gave me.


Education Manager

I am convinced that one-to-one coaching is a valuable experience. However, the quality of this experience strongly depends on whether coach and coachee harmonise. This is the case with Katrien and me. I am very enthusiastic about our cooperation.


Managing Director, I.T. company

My coaching goal of optimising and categorising my tasks and align my team’s resources to protect personal performance was clearly achieved. My clear conclusion about the coach: clear, motivating, structuring.


Executive, e-commerce sector

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