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We cordially invite you to clarify your training or coaching need with us personally.

Executive Empowerment

Leadership presence, communicative skills, contextually appropriate behaviour and entrepreneurial action are key assets for today’s leaders when it comes to paving out and maintaining a successful course of action for your business.

My clients have the leading edge in carrying out critical tasks and future-oriented operations and have enjoyed the strategic, communicative and behavioural insights and challenges I have presented them with.

I consider it a privilege to be a sparring partner for decision-makers in politics, corporate business, start-up communities and international corporations.

My coaching sessions are conducted in a systematic and personalized manner. Discretion and flexibility are leading principles in my work and are respected at all times. My passion lies in effecting personal and professional development while aiming at the highest degree of professionalism.

Communicative Empowerment

The key to persuasion, leadership and international success lies in bespoke communication.Your communicative agility lies at the heart of your business and personal success.

In carefully respecting your authentic style, I offer you a variety of expressive options and dare to stretch your communicative register. For you to truly connect with your audiences, you should dispose of a wide range of formality, tonality, customized wording and appropriate formulations. True understanding, a sustainable first and second impression; and the persuasive power to initiate a change with your listeners are core goals of the empowerment training I offer. The goal is for you to fully use any strategic positioning advantages in your work environment.

My working languages are English, German and Dutch.

Contextual Empowerment

Contextual performance starts with systemic understanding and the analysis of your interdependencies with your business environment.

In systemic or contextual coaching, your interaction with your original or chosen system (=organisation or team) and its outcomes are at heart of my observations and our conversations. We will engage in sincere talks about the efficacy and the price of your efforts to engage in the system you are currently in.

The diverse layout of international and hybrid teams add to the systemic complexity. International cooperation works through the understanding of largely unknown behaviours and customs.

With extensive working experience in European, American and Asian (Chinese and Indian) contexts, I have directed my intercultural consulting towards increasing the productivity and delivery ratio of global projects.

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